Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Fashion And Nature.

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Fashion is the thing that we invented in order to have novelty without the risks poised to unaccustomed people by nature itself, but take plants for example, and redefine your ideas about what is natural and what is not; clearly, fashion is a loser and it will always be: Plants have existed in Earth for at least two thousand million years.

Yes, it is not a typo: years is the time currently accepted as the origin of the first cyanobacteria capable of exhaling oxygen thorough photosynthesis. Some scientist have a new hypothesis, putting this event in our distant history at three thousand, five hundred million years, or 3.500.000.000, but this still has to be confirmed thorough the fossil record.

Thanks to palaeontology and the fossil samples already studied, complex animals apparently appeared about six hundred million years ago, while the dinosaurs that we so admire lived between 230 and 66,4 million years ago. Humankind has been in business for a mere million years.

So, it is very easy to figure out that plants are two thousand times our seniority. And this is something we have to remember and keep in mind, so that we get a correct proportion and perspective about what we are doing to this planet with the collateral effects of our progress and industry. In fact, we have been extremely lucky since we have survived ourselves, so far; but the issue is not even our survival as a species, but what we are doing to our planet and how to secure this magnificent machine that is evolution in itself and has been at work since the night of times.

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