Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On The Lack Of Talents.

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Perseverance is the great equaliser of talents. No matter what you don't have, perseverance will fill that void, so instead of envying those who have what you are longing, persevere.

You may not be a natural pilot, swimmer, athlete or businessperson; yet, human and social traits are acquired more often than not.

So if you feel that you have a vocation but no one listens to you or the simply say that you are wrong, you should not attempt to follow such and such path, etc. perhaps you should also listen to yourself. You will never be good at something that you don't like, but you can turn even the strangest of passions into something enjoyable, profitable and productive.

There are professions, careers and activities which are seen as useless, too difficult or not financially sound. Think about archaeology, paleontology or anthropology, to name just a few; these are seen as paths that lead to nowhere in our career-minded world. Yet, if they were such a waste of resources as we usually believe, then we would have no museums, no science and no art.

On the other hand, goiod intentions and the will to do things is what moves any vocational advancement, but it is not enough: if you want o express something you can't just do well with your motivation. You will need something else. There are lots of adventurers, pilots and researchers who would like to write about their experiences; this is something that happens more frequently than it is thought.

However, we think that in addition to talent and some sort of publishing service that would allow any writer to commercialise works, the ideas made available should be understandable for the public that constitutes the target audience: success will never come if this is not taken into consideration. Hittite hieroglyphs, for example, have survived for thousands of years in places much more hostile than those damaging other artwork from ancient times. There are many hieroglyphs of this kind in the Middle East, but in all cases these works by Hittite authors have been very difficult to understand for various reasons, being one of the most important ones that they used to write in an uncommon fashion: from left to right, and right to left, in alternating lines.

The only way thus to gain understanding of the Hittite language - not to mention its dialects - is to use a control sample in order to make comparisons and approximations, and the control sample only appears when a bilingual text is found, in which Hittite appears side by side with some other known language of the ancient world. And one of the best examples of this is the testament of king Hattusili I, which appears in a stone combining Hittite and Babylonian, a language that has is fairly well understood after lots of research.Thus, this inconvenient deprived the world from interesting works of art and wise phrases like 'Do as your hearth tells...' just because of the lack of clarity. The key to success seems to be then on clarity without the need for third-party interpretations.

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