Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Great Leaps.

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Before attempting to make a great leap, sometimes we have to go backwards a few steps.

We should not think that we can achieve success in any way just by chance, neither we ca assume that it will come suddenly.

Athletes, for example, need to train for years before winning a medal; musicians must practice a lot before playing well their instruments.

An expedition to places like Antarctica, Mount Everest, Trango or Aconcagua takes also years to grow and become a reality; adventurers need to train, to get the required money and to correct a lot of faults before venturing into such places. It seems that the secret for any great leap is to prepare to jump a long time before the actual challenge takes place. Coincidence is not a friend of success but of repetitio, development and slow improvement.

Consider for example pottery and some realted manual crafts adn arts like sculpture: The development of manual arts and crafts has always been a fundamental part of human evolution, in cultural terms: even in prehistoric times people dedicated time and effort to produce pottery and assorted artefacts for practical uses, religious matters and decoration; in many cases the style and characteristics of those objects are useful to identify cultures and evolutionary stages within them.In the case of some cultures, we know them only thanks to the result of their crafting abilities since there is scant or no written language to read, and no chronicles to review.

Some artefacts and techniques even migrate from one civilisation to another and acquire a completely different identity. Such is the case of small statues and figures of two-headed animals. This fashion was initiated by the Hittites in what is now Turkey, and centuries afterwards became a very specific heraldic symbol in Europe. Two-headed eagles, for example, were used as part of the coat of arms of the Russian Czars, but the same symbol has been observed in Hittite figures and carvings which are far older: the Hittite empire disappeared around the year 1.200 B.C. I seems that this was quite a common artistic motive then and there, with carvings and representation such as one made in stone, where the two daughers of the goddess Hebat can be seen mounted in two-headed eagles, or floating above them.

This is why is fascinating to learn about arts and crafts, to develop one's imagination and skills to produce shapes, to use colours and to even transform old or ancient ideas into concepts intriguing, useful and attractive for us, today, and for generations to come, not to mention that having such a hobby could be exceedingly funny, and that joy comes indeed from the ancient past.

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