Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Straight Lines.

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It is very odd to think about this, but straight lines are among the strangest natural occurrences. Have you ever seen one in the wilderness?"

One of the first things that you should do when you leave the city to reach natural spots is to get rid of some assumptions and conceptions.

It is not only a problem of lines being straight or not, but how you confront nature. If you think that because of your relative well being or power position within society you will do fine in the wilderness, you are wrong.

We can say that successful people within our social world are those who understood how to get the most of our laws, rules and all that forms part of our way of life.

Nevertheless, nature knows and cares nothing about that; so, once you get into the woods, climb into a Piper Cub and try to fly thorough a storm, or try to paddle down a turbulent river, your assumptions and - let's face it - tendency to underestimate risks can actually kill you while in the city they may help you achieve some things like crossing a street before the lights turn red.

Welcome back to nature, and don't forget that you are the weak one here, and not a Jock.

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The last bridge over Río Azul, Patagonia.
There are bridges that once crossed, leave you on your own.

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