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A Brief Reflection On Water For Treks.

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Always carry enough water with you when you are trekking, so that if you are forced to camp and spend a night anywhere, you will have enough to cook dinner and have breakfast. Always keep a reserve canteen at hand, even while you are camping.

Water is more necessary to survive than food, and you will need it during any kind of trip to the wilderness.

Even expeditions and excursions using land vehicles, aircraft and even boats are not exempt from traversing areas where there is no usable water.

Take for example the case of a boat at sea; ocean water cannot be consumed unless it goes thorough a purification process. If under such circumstances you forget to take an adequate quantity of this liquid you may find yourself in a terrible paradox: dehydrating while floating.

A similar rationale could be applied to aircraft: a typical bush flight may take a couple of hours. With something like a PA-18, Aviat Husky or similar, you may reach many distant and isolated places fairly quickly, and if yours is a seaplane or amphibian, you may even land on water.

However, if during your flight you have no water and start dehydrating, your performance as a pilot would suffer, your judgement could become murkier, and so the chances of you suffering an accident increase.

Never assume that nature is a service company, and ndon't underestimate the direct and indirect effects of dehydration.

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An isolated water source.
Finding water sources such as this one may be problematic.

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