Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On The Safety Of Mountain Climbing.

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Climbing mountains is safer than walking to your local shopping centre: condors will never rob you with guns under their wings.

Our society would do well to consider a change in education for our children; while guns may be sometimes needed to protect oneself, we should try to construct a better life than one pervaded by armament.

Despite what is thought by many, weapons are not a home appliance for most people. If you live in an isolated place, then may be; however, the typical suburbia inhabitant does not have such needs and becomes a dangerous user of handguns.

The reason is that suburbians are not prepared to handle them with safety and use them responsibly like farmers, real outdoorsmen, soldiers, rangers and similar people because these last have been using these tools for years, every day; meanwhile, the suburbian put his or her revolver in a drawer and forgot about it until a strange noise was heard over the roof. You cannot expect that under such circumstances, a gun would be of much use; on the contrary, non-trained users may do more harm than good.

It would be much better to start thinking about how to build a society where such a way of life would not be necessary; this may sound as a cliché, an its is often mentioned as such, but there is also a lot of truth to it.

Next time you feel frustrated, don't think about killing someone; go on and try to climb a mountain.

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