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A Brief Essay On That Corporation Of Yours.

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Don't live for your company. Live for yourself, your family and your friends.

Working is good and we should all appreciate it, but corporations are impersonal and will never give you a personal treat; jobs would never replace relatives and friends, but only the sore lack of them, and then just for a while.

Corporations don't feel, don't hate or love; so they will not regret to fire you after twenty or so years of service. Nothing is personal inside a corporation; thus, don't expect to be trated as anything else but an asset.

Corporations have no patriotic feelings, no loyalty and no morals; they are only governed by money an dthe rules that governments and societies put in their way to control them; don't expect a corporation to show gratefulness for it is just not in their nature to do so.

There is nothing really bad with corporations, and nothing really good; they are just means to achieve goals. They use resources, including human ones, and they produce profits. As long as the relationship is benefitious for both, it will last.

However, relationships that last once they are put to the test are those of friendship and love, and since corporations cannot have them, thus don't expect to experience - under our western corporate model - much loyalty from there, and certainly no more than from your friends or family.

Money is nice, good and useful, but is also coward, hides from truth and escapes from situations that attemtp to put it to the test.

The goal of most humans is to live better and for that you need the money and the products and services that corporations usually provide, as is is the goal of a pair of tweezers to help you repair the engine of Survival.

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Downtown Buenos Aires, Retiro main train station and bus terminal
Life in a modern city, among corporations can be good for a while,
but it would not be wise to put all your eggs into that basket.

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