Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Pondering On Real Challenges.

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If you think that working in finances is a challenge, try war, or jumping into a precipice.

Most jobs - and especially those that take place in an office - entail only artificial woes and worries created by us; after all, there is almost no life - threatening hazards inside a corporation's main building.

This is not to say that those jobs are bad, or that there is no merit at all on doing business things; however, many of us tend to think or assume or delude ourselves into thinking that such duties have the same 'élan' as others, especially in the outdoors and military realms.

So, commonplace clichés appear, and here are some examples:

'Task force' for 'those in charge of...', probably coming from the WWII naval task forces that fought in the Pacific Ocean.

'Road warriors' as an attempt to describe 'travelling salespeople', a name probably pirated from the Australian film 'Mad Max II, The Road Warrior.'

'The jungle', describing the floor at stock markets, where agents and financial advisors are squabbling over stocks, future options and bonds. This is indeed a stressful job but no way, it is not a real jungle where you eat or are eaten alive by real predators. You will not actually lose a limb whenever your competitors run faster than you, do you? Well, if that foul-breathed lion looking upon where you are actually runs faster than you... well, you get the idea.

I repeat: there is indeed merit in office jobs, but to compare them even innocently with really hazardous things in order to attempt to elevate one's self- esteem is not really healthy. Office jobs are just that, and their related risks are in reality the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Heath attacks, for example, take place mostly because of self - induced stress, cholesterol, anxiety and a lack of physical exercise. These ailments are avoidable just with some motivation.

The risks that an Alaskan bush pilot undertakes whenever he or she - say - attempts to rescue climbers lost in a mountain or has to perform an emergency landing somewhere into the wilderness are a far, far greater stress and real risk source than anything found at an office, yet these folks tend to live longer and better than most of their fellow citadine human beings.

And for that matter any mountain or bush pilot anywhere in the world endures and enjoys the same things as those in Alaska.

Why? Because they face real risks, they don't need to delude themselves while trying to bring grandeur to petty things and thus, they only suffer stress and other problems common in any urban centre when and only there is no room for other things.

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