Don Pablo Edronkin

An Essay On Water.

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Oceans were created once by falling drops of water.

Drops of water are very powerful indeed: they can flood entire countries, produce electric energy, bring down aircraft, sink ships, give and take life as we know it.

Water, as simple as it is, is not well understood by us; we think that in order to have power we need weapons of mass destruction, big military budgets and aggressive, jingoistic words while just some storm at the appropriate time can destroy anything and even stop a mighty army.

By taking our chances against nature whenever we pretend to ignore environmentalist efforts such as the Kyoto Protocol, as imperfect as they might be, we are assuming that the corporations that we intend to protect would eventually be powerful enough to counteract the effects of nature gone wild by disasters caused by environmental imbalances.

Can they help keeping oceans from rising? Can stock markets stop a flood or a hurricane.

The, since the answers to these questions are pretty obvious, we have to conclude that other possibilities are that they think that they are assuming a calculated risk, or that they have no idea of what they are doing, and this includes even presidents and prime ministers.

Calculated risks may be acceptable, but only when damage can be contained. I fly small aircraft; I take off almost every week using a 1947 Piper Cub. It is indeed a calculated risk both because flying entails some risks and because this aircraft is much older than myself.

Moreover: I frequently go to the mountains where the word 'turbulence' earns a new meaning.

However, any problem with this one would certainly not affect the planet.So when I assume the calculated risks implied in taking off with this vintage aeroplane I know what I do and the fact that the consequences of any problem will certainly be contained.

But when you play dice - or Russian Roulette - with the atmosphere, things may be different; no army in the world and no stock options would be enough to stop what would happen, even if it seem highly improbable, and the consequences would affect us all.

Thus, in varying degrees of worry and even eventual violence, those who pretend to ignore the environment are real terrorists, playing with us all to pursue their petty dreams.

Never underestimate the power of the simplest and humblest things in sufficient numbers.

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