Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay on Holiday Conversations.

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We should not take with us our problems and talk about them while on holidays; it is ill.

It is strange how we like to talk about politics after dinner, yet, we all have the perception that politics is to a society what prostitution is to sex.

The point of this brief comment - however - is to remark that whenever we depart for our holidays, an adventure trip, etc. the thing that we should leave behind is the ghost of problems that we have at home, at work, etc.

So a very good idea is to restrain ourselves from bringing up the same topics while we are camping.

There is really no need to talk about problems whenever we are intending to rest from them and, anyway, it is likely that we will not be able to solve them there.

This is only another demonstration that we humans sometimes actually 'enjoy' our predicaments and feel a strong desire to keep them near us, perhaps because that gives us something to talk or better yet, complain.

Everyday we see this attitude with people that bring along their mobile phone even when they go to the bathroom; really, no matter how important is a call, it can wait two minutes.

Nevertheless, if you are at a public restroom you will see individuals scrambling to attend a call, no matter how are they or what are they doing.

No cultures and past empires fell on just two minutes; so, these desperate people may well be able to finish their duties and yet keep the world from stopping to turn, but there seems to be no way to tell them.

Let's change subjects and talk about nature.

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Holiday conversations should deal only with pleasant topics.

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