Don Pablo Edronkin

A brief pondering On Role-Models.

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Political and business leaders are seldom role-models unless you want to grab power at all costs. Human role-models are found among artists, helpers, explorers and scientists.

The existence of role-models is tightly related to values and our understanding of the meaning of success.

Defining success as a matter mostly or exclusively of money and material possessions may seem and even be comfortable in the short term, but as what counts for societies at large and the evolution of nations thorough history, counting just on the most evident forms of progress just turn those who are supposed to be enlightened into nothing more than brutes on fancy clothes.

The reason for this comes from the fact that setting anything as an idea for progress means that in the end, those ideas will advance faster than others; if you think that getting out to space is more important than diving deep into the ocean, then you will develop more aerospace-related technologies than those that are naval and submarine.

Thus, if money becomes your ultimate goal, then you will develop money and may even develop your pockets, but you will not develop things to buy with that money, neither buying will bring any sense to the process.

The current division in criteria between the United States and the rest of the world and especially the European Union as to what to do regarding some important matters may be related to this.

Is the United States the greatest nation on Earth? That depends on what you understand by greatest. If you thing in terms of weaponry, it may be if you don't consider Russia. If you think in terms of money, probably it is, but if you think in term of culture and history, France and Germany are at least six times older, and China even more, so their cultures are evidently more developed.

Believing in one's superiority because of having more material things and money is something that be easily countered by having more inherited things, if not money, which in the end may act as even more powerful ego propellers and, as they are older, are looked upon as somewhat fancier.

As such things happen all the time, Hollywood stars, despite that they probably have more money, cannot compete with well-established European and more modest noble dynasties; you can buy a new mansion, but you can't buy an old history.

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