Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Patagonia And The Impossible.

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Once you visit Patagonia, you will never leave it, even if you go back to your home. It is a land that embodies the impassable and the impossible.

Patagonia has been an inspiration for explorers of several centuries; Magellan and his crew spent a winter there, many terrified and willing to go back to Europe. Darwin and Fitz Roy also visited it, and inspiration for both the theory of evolution, on Darwin's side, and meteorology, on the side of Fitz Roy, began to take shape. Strange places invite strange ideas.

So, if doing the uncommon and visiting exotic places inspire new ideas, doing the contrary inspires the ordinary, the conformist. Thus, a true leader should seek ways to travel or let his imagination wander outside the day-to-day chores. You cannot construct anything really different using always the same kind of bricks. Granted, you will build something, but in its innermost essence, it will be no different.

Leading to the same place, to the same ideas, is not leadership; it is just management. To change others' paradigm first you have to change you own.If you want change, first you have to change yourself, to commit yourself to change in the long run, to stay steadfast on the side of change, and to invest on it when the time comes (see The Age of Discovery and its Financiers.)

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