Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Entrepreneurship And Success.

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The best part about those stronger competitors that laugh at an upstart is that in their contempt, they do not keep guard on what the new one is doing.

Instead of a problem, you have an advantage whenever they think that you are weaker. Therefore, if you mix entrepreneurship with persistence and ingenuity, they will let you do your homework in peace, and you will catch then off-balance some day.

Even big things have small beginnings, and there are many examples in history that show us how to do things in such a way as to achieve greatness. It was Goethe who once mused with success, saying that in order to do something, first one has to become something, citing the fortune of the Rothschild family and explaining that they didn't achieve all that in just one generation (see Guttle Schnapper.)

Does it means that there is no hope of success in the short term? No, there is indeed hope to get what you want, but in order to achieve true success you have to become trascendental, to develop a way of thinking that encompasses more than what is obvious, to understand that your business should be more than just surviving by means of finding something that can be sold easily.

Successfully climbing the Everest leads you to the peak of Mt. Everest and back; if you focus just on climbing, what you get is a place called a peak, located at a certain height and sporting perhaps 30 square meters. Nut if you focus on the ride and beyond, what you get is probably the adventure of a lifetime.

With a mindset such as that, you will be able to see beyond your competitors, and thus win the race.

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