Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Megalomaniacs.

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I think that megalomaniacs and those that believe that they have nothing to learn from anybody should spend a stormy night at Cape Horn in order to reclaim for themselves a sense of proportion.

It would do a great service for many.

No one in the world knows it all; no one is the best, the most powerful, generous, the wisest or the one with more 'backbone' than others.

Believing so is to fall prey of megalomaniac discourses, and this creates a dangerous situation since it entails a self-image of invincibility that - as history tells us - is an impossibility.

In fact, those who believe that have the world in their hands or have some alleged special right to govern over others are in fact very weak deep inside, but have been so far able or lucky enough to portrait a different image.

It is not good but extremely imprudent to tackle outdoor expeditions under such a self - delusion of power.

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