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Nature is a boss that will never fire us. It is an employee that will never complain about working overtime, it is a mother with infinite patience, and it is a friend that will never ask for favours in return.

Hopefully, the general public in recent years has been showing grater appreciation for nature and ecology; this is evident within the TV, video and cinema industries.

If you watch TV these days, you will notice that there is a greater number of documentaries, many filmed using techniques which are quite different from those common in the past.

Since now we have better technologies, smaller cameras and crisper recording capabilities, it is perfectly possible for anyone to become a film director.

Treks and adventures into the wilderness offer great opportunities for those who would like to dip their feet into the realm of documentary production, so if this brief article pretends to show you an idea is this one: why not make a documentary yourself?

There are a number of film producers that have websites online, where you could get in touch with them and find out what they want and what they need.

I don't know if you would make a lot of money doing this, but certainly you will be doing what you like, and that is really what counts more and, besides, ends producing more money.

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