Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay On Enemies And Friends.

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Enemies exist for the sake of our friends; friends exist for the sake of ourselves. We exist for the sake of our enemies.

Since our death and destruction may be caused by enemies, thus, they define us. Cowardice or gallantry, humanity and brutality are always reactions to what others do upon us.

Strangely enough, it is what enemies do upon us that let us know ourselves better; no matter if we deserve or no what happens to us, it is in how we react that truth is found, and not in the causes of an attack.

Looking to define yourself as good or bad as related to an understanding of justification or not of the actions of an enemy is a futile exercise since there is always a component of irrationality or madness involved in such situations: either the attacker or the attacked are mad because to cause destruction without justification is insane, and if there is a justification, producing the causes that ultimately lead to the attack is insane too.

So trying to define oneself or one's nation as good or bad by assuming that is 'responding' to an attack is a logical contradiction; it seems that the real nature of anyone can only be seen in the reaction, not in the action.

This is the underlying reason as to why a nation like the United States - which proceeded to defend itself from the unprovoked 9/11 terrorist attack - lost a lot of moral ground when its government decided to attack Iraq.

Not many really doubt that terrorists should be eradicated; however, the attack on Iraq as linked to terrorist groups seems morally dubious at best for the international community. No one really believes the 'evidence' presented, not even the U.N. and the population - as according to surveys - of the few countries where governments decided to help your army.

Don't look at this issue with contempt; regard it with alarm because the U.S. is dilluting its own moral stature which made it a leading nation.

Without it, it may still be powerful but alas, the Soviet Union was powerful too, wasn't it?

What the world is seeing is that the United States is slowly but steadily becoming arbitrary, dangerous and the bearer of double standards; don't blame me for telling you.

Instead ask yourself if it is reasonably to believe that the rest of the world is always wrong and you are always right. It may be the case now that you are turning right into wrong.

Thus, there is no real desire to see a U.S. failure in this war, but a sight of relief coming from the fact that the United States is somewhat draining its resources in the Iraq disaster - face it, it is not a victory and the war is not over because your soldiers are the ones being blown up to pieces every day - and thus becoming potentially less-dangerous.

U.S. citizens: try to look at this matter - for a moment - from the point of view of an outsider; you may see things differently. If you want foreign help, then don't pretend to overstep other nations and governments, and don't forget that your enemies define how and who you are.

If you wow to 'give'em hell', you become just like them; there are many who hate your country, but more that have no problem with you. Don't alienate your friends or those who are neutral with jingoistic attitudes.

A war to defend yourself ceases to be reasonable when you start using the same language that your foes are using; be careful about this or your war will be lost from the beginning.

Patriotic feelings may be running high, but despite all its power, the U.S. represents just 10% of the world's population, and the rest don't seem to care much for stars and banners; no matter how you try, how powerful your armies are or how fast your corporations grow, you will not succeed against or despite everyone else.

It would be a shame if such a thing happens, but you need the world more than the world needs you; really, in the long term our planet needs no countries at all, and that includes yours because we are all humans, and you too.

Perhaps you are even more vulnerable than others because you had so far a sense of invulnerability and are now reacting with the coarseness which is proper of the inexperienced.

Your cause is just, but your methods are wrong; this is the message that you have to listen to, and you better do because after all, empires ceased to exist all along our history, and the Sun kept rising every day.

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