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Brief Advice on Avalanches adn Other Disasters.

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The best way to avoid a problem and its consequences is not to commit those mistakes leading to it; while this may not always be possible, it certainly is in the case of many accidents and disasters.

A little prudence can save you from having to get rescued by firemen, forest or mountain rangers in order receive first aid or even burial.

Avalanches of snow are a reminder of the complexity and power of nature. Human avalanches in a stadium are a reminder that we can behave like ants too; however, we have to discuss now another aspect of human mistakes: imprudence.

Never forget that we are individuals and not a mass; always use your brains, especially if you like outdoor activities.

Also bear in mind that the power of phenomena such as avalanches, landslides, volcanic eruptions and floods is really beyond the scope of our imagination. There is no way to resist the movement of lands, snow and water masses just using our own resources.

While there are a number of emergency devices that have been designed to locate you in the event that you get lost, buried under snow, etc. don't put your fate into the hands of two AA batteries. It is good to have equipment, but it should never replace your judgement of any situation that you may encounter outdoors.

The best way to avoid such dangers and their consequences is to remain informed; much as an aircraft pilot takes a good look at the weather before departing, hikers and adventurers should get in touch with the peculiarities of the area that they plan to visit before starting to walk.

If you don't act prudently, you will not be putting only yourself at risk; think of the people going with you as well as those who may have to rescue your group in the event of an accident so, play safe.

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A dangerous bonfire in a forest
Look at this place where someone started a fire without any precaution.
This kind of reckless behaviour is what causes most forest fires and other
disasters; use correct fire techniques

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