Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Building and Destroying.

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Building and destroying, loving and killing are intense sensations, but then again, if you destroy, you have to rebuild.

That is why fighting for anything and everything is stupid, and those who learn to appreciate themselves and others, as well as the world we live in, usually live longer and better lives.

They don't waste their time.

Now, there are things that if destroyed, cannot be reconstructed; extinct species cannot be brought back to life; contamination at land, sea and our atmosphere cannot be so easily reverted, and yet we have people thinking that evading responsibilities such as what happened with the Kyoto Protocol is some kind of smart move to protect alleged national interests.

In recent times the price of crude oil and combustibles has increased more than threefold. We should only remember those ton so distant years when crude oil barrel had a price of about twenty U.S. dollars; today, it is well above those figures and this increment can be explained in various way: there is indeed a higher demand, as industries around the world and the number of vehicles increase, but the constant wars in the Middle East and financial speculation have also a lot to do.

There is no real technical reason to provoke a similar increase in the price of oil extracted from Venezuela, the North Sea or Patagonia; the fact that Iraq may be in a disastrous shape after the invasion of the United States has nothing to do and should not influence the rest of the market, but of course, the concept of 'commodity' applied to crude oil becomes handy and convenient to justify higher-than-reasonable profits.

The common citizen has to live with these mistakes, promises and speculative attitudes, and his or her own protection in the short term consists solely in trying to consume combustibles and fuel in a more efficient manner, starting by purchasing them where they are cheaper. In the long run, the answer lies in a change of energy resources and the attainment of higher degrees of efficiency in the use of natural resources, both renewable and non renewable.

China and the United States have a good deal of responsibility in this problem, and it is necessary that their leaders change in order to save the world from further, very serious troubles.

Global warming and the inevitable climate change do exist: it is a scientifically-proven thing, despite the fact that some politicians with links to the oil industry pretend to deny it while they keep on making money, even while still in public office. This is called corruption, and the survival of our planet demands that we put an end to this.

If the damage of such actions were to be contained just within the countries that pretend to impose such views, then it would be bad but at least it would be fair, so to speak. However, since oceans and the air pose no real borders for dissemination of substances, then it is in order to say that such protection of some obscure national interests would really harm everybody. Such administrations, governments and even countries should not feel then surprised when everybody else is turning their backs on them when they finally cry for help.

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