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Does It Make Sense? Does It Make Sense For You?


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Perhaps your grandfather was an immigrant. Perhaps he put up a grocery or candy store on New York, Sydney or Buenos Aires.

Now you have a computer, a job, and a new country. Your grandfather did well.

If your grandparent didn't, then perhaps you are well-acquainted with stories of people who did.

That's called "Entrepreneurship."

Can you do that?

Would it make sense to do that?

Perhaps not, and perhaps not for you. After all, there are career issues, job security issues, financial issues as well as economic issues on a grand scale, that is, for your country, nation or whatever.

Would it make sense to risk being on your own?

But then again, does it make sense to depend on others?

Now, if you like to go to the wilderness, if you are ecologically-minded or an outdoors fan, you can ask yourself a couple of questions:

Are we humans meant to spend most of our time on corporate cubicles?

Where does it say so on the Bible, the Koran, Torah or any other book that we humans have held for sacred for hundreds or even thousands of years?

Has natural evolution or selection ever produced anything like the "commuting to work" concept?

Isn't "job security" a reminder of "slavery."

Oh! Was that a little bit exaggerated?

Well, slaves got a meal, you get your meal for your job too.

Slaves were not really badly treated all the time, after all they were property. Now you are just an asset.

Others decided for them. Now, your credit records, your resume and references, and your government decides for you.

If you don't believe me, try to get around without a credit card, a credit record or a passport.

Progress entails living in society.

Indeed. Progress is fine for me. I don't want to live like three hundred years ago, but some things are making us imbeciles.

Plainly speaking, we are losing our identity. You are not you anymore; you are what others tell about you to others.

You are what your government, your financial records, your boss and your credit card tells other that you are.

If your name was Cinque a hundred an fifty years ago, and you lived on Equatorial Africa, and then some people came and took you as a slave and said that your name was from then on "Bernardo" who were you then?

You would be forced to be Bernardo, but you would stay being Cinque. For everyone else except your best friends, you would be Bernardo. Wouldn't you?

If someone turns his (or her) thumbs down on you. If your boss does not like you, or perhaps even your government, for whatever reason, your financial, credit and police records would say that you are a naughty boy (or girl).

You would stay so, except for your closest friends, wouldn't you?

Witches burning were not people; they were what inquisitors told the others that they were.

Serfs were not people; they were assets.

Indeed, there are legal procedures and papers concerning your credit, criminal and other records. It is not so easy for anyone to give you a bad mark., or is it?

Well, burning someone on the market place also took some heavy paperwork. Didn't you know that even animals were judged on the middle ages?

Serfs also signed contracts, didn't you know?

They worked six days a week, paying the produce of two as taxes. How about what you pay now.

"Oh! No! I get services, and security for that money."

Well, so did the Serfs. Check the history books!

You might say that they got slaughtered from time to time by invading armies of Berzeks or Vandals. Well, what about terrorism, or air crashes? What about now?

However, not everything is just like then. Granted. We do not live as miserably as ten centuries ago. So what? We live ten times more miserably from what we humans would expect as a life ten centuries from now. So, progress by itself should not mean that we have to give up our identities.

I believed that I was Pablo Edronkin, but every time I have to state who am I, I have to take out my iD Card, or my credit card, or my whatever card, and if suddenly, because of some computer mistake or whatever, my name on a database would change to Andres, then, I would become my brother!

I think that this society in which everything is reduced to proving who you are, instead of being and having a word of honour is based on a very simple assumption: everybody lies.

Now, do you think that good things come out of lies?

I don't.

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