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Travelling Abroad With Your PC.

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Travelling internationally with a computer implies passing controls at airports and in some cases, at other places.

For security reasons, notebooks, cameras, etc. are normally checked just like any other piece of luggage that passengers carry with them, only that owners are normally required to turn their notebooks on just to show to the security officers that the machine is fully functional.

This is done so in order to prevent someone from carrying carcasses of machines that in reality hide explosives, drugs, etc.

In order to avoid you problems, you should always carry a fully loaded battery with you, to turn on your machine whenever asked. If you don't have one for any reason, ask the officers to plug it to an electricity socket but be very cautious with the voltage. Don't overlook the fact that many countries use 110V and others 220 - 240 V.

Additionally, some countries have some kind of control over the flow of information coming or going out of their borders, and customs officers will be looking for things like modems. In most cases, they will not be looking very hard, but if you have a modem with you, just don't show it and don't talk about until asked to do so.

Finally, remember that the local laws will apply to you, no matter what your citizenship really is. So, remember that some kind of material, software, pictures, etc. may be considered illegal under some jurisdictions. This is particularly important in the case of pictures that show the human body naked in any way.

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