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'If you conduct yourself as though you expect to be successful and happy, you will seldom be disappointed.'

- Brian Tracy.

It was not the first time i climbed a mountain for the first time. I climb mountains that no one has climbed before, literally. In fact, I don't like to climb where others have been, and Patagonia is full of places where no one has ever set foot. Mt. Weichert was no exception.

The summit of Cerro Weichert, 1930 m. Behind it, to the north west,
Cerro Serrucho is visible at the border between Argentina and 
Chile, and from left to right, the explorers of this region: Pablo Edronkin,
Gustavo Sakuda, Federico Ferrero, David Miranda, Maria Laura
Fernandez, Emiliano Paredes, and Luciano Marcer. If you want
to see more pictures of this region, click here.

Technically speaking, the way up in February 1999 was not difficult for us, except for the fact that we carried provisions for two weeks as well as a complete prefab shelter that we set up nearby and still provides us with protection, a nice stove, and a terrific view. 

Mount Weichert was climbed just on some spare time that we had there. Yes, down there you can discover new places after lunch. We christened this mountain with the name of some family friends living in Germany. They have now a mountain!

Mt. Weichert lies at the deepest part of the Blanco region, a vast, uncharted and unexplored system of valleys, mountains and rivers near the city of Villa Puelo, in Argentina.

The catch there is that there are very few passes across the mountains and rivers. It is rather difficult to get there, and not many ventured.

I was among the first four people that ever entered the valley, and one of the few that visit it now. I like to think that nowhere is a place, as Paul Theroux once said. So, instead of going along with everyone to the Everest, the Aconcagua or Mont Blanc, I prefer to visit virgin territories.

Being in such a place is a very special thing. Indeed, it entails some risks, but most of all, it is to bring back from childhood a sense of discovery.

If you have been waiting in a queue to climb a wall in the Alps, or walked for half a day to reach the summit and found there a dozen other climbers, you may think that there is no other way to go outdoors, but there is, and Patagonia is not the only exception.

I have decided to write these brief comments just to tell you that being different from "normal" people, you should not fall in the trap set up by common habits. Climbing among the crowds is certainly better than commuting to work among the crowds, but it is still to lie among them. Leave them, and find your own Patagonia.

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