P. Edronkin

In Latin America, Soccer Is More important Than Human Rights (III).

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However, car crashes still take the first prize. Such a human tragedy as a war or major Earthquake amounts only to eleven months of car crashes here. Just everyday's business.

And what about making a patient with cancer wait for a couple of months?

What about not respecting contracts?

What about letting talented people know that they are considered expendable?

What about acting as if people were expendable?

What about blaming air crashes on pilots and closing investigations two weeks after? (Yes, that happened too).

Human rights...

Only if they were really applicable to humans here, instead of TV cameras.

Violating human rights is not done only with rifle and bayonet. When you kill opportunities, when you mismanage a country to the verge of disaster, when you stimulate soccer instead of science, and when you allow others to die from neglect when you are in a position to change it is as bad as murder.

You are then not murdering a person, but a nation.

Of course, the social care and social contention system is as unworkable as during the previous government. The politicians of today did not invent incompetence, but some of the stunts of Mr. De La Rua's associates have left the system in a complete stop for almost two weeks now, at a neat cost of U$ 50 million each week.

The lady in charge of revamping it, just used the post to gain exposure for an elective position, and left. A second one, lost his job because he wanted the social security agency to sign odd contracts with his wife, owner of a hospital.

But the real issue is that after months of paying their salaries, their new concoction is the most bizarre ever, for some patients, according to the brand new regulations, would have to travel from one province to another to see their newly-appointed doctors.

It is a very nice situation, where in the name of diminishing public spending, 80-years old patients have to travel 30 km or more to see their doctors, while formerly they had theirs just one or two blocks away from their homes, and doctors don't know who they are working for or when will they get their salaries.

Aren't they working for the social care system?

Oh! No! Wish they were, but their contracts are changed about twice a year, and in strictly legal terms they are working for some company or another that in turn works for the system, for a neat commission, of course, and if you protest, well, imagine...

Of course, while companies change, payments get delayed, patients are kept on hold, even if they are suffering cancer, as well as materials to work with is are not being distributed.

Do you get the idea?

This is costs-cutting, Latin American style! Or, undercover genocide.

Four and a half million retired and pensioners, not to mention poverty-stricken as well as social and health workers have to live thorough this nightmare while presidents come and go telling us how to live and how to reduce public spending, at everyone else's expense.

Well, but this is not all: President Peron once appointed writer Jorge Luis Borges as inspector for chickens and vegetables at the municipal market in Buenos Aires, some decades ago, just because Mr. Borges did not like the president and his ways.

Check it out.

Peron's supporters loved a song that says "Alpargatas sí, libros no!" which translated is means something like "Up with cheap shoes, down with books!".

It says a lot about the whole crowd that now forms a political party.

Besides, General Peron was repeatedly accused of letting illegally into Argentina more than a hundred heavyweight nazi enthusiasts such as Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann and Klaus Barbie.

They stayed.

Some German scientists came along too, like Dr. Richter, who was one of the pioneers in nuclear fusion theory. He was later ridiculed by the government.

Kurt Tank came here too. One of the chief designers of the Focke Wulf Aircraft Factory, Herr Tank designed an aircraft right after he landed, and so, in 1952 Argentina got the "Pulqui", a turbine powered fighter bomber at a time when only the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union had such things.

Well, I think that Kurt Tank ended in Russia, and the only Pulqui prototype left is at a museum in Buenos Aires.

And, the third wife of General Peron, who succeeded him after his death at the helm of the country, had been working apparently... well... as a whore in Caracas, Venezuela, where he once met the then exiled General.

This is the land of opportunity!

And how to forget! She had a Minister (Social Care, of course) who was an ex-police-corporal-turned-chief-inspector-overnight, jumping something like 15 ranks, as well as a medium and leader of the AAA, an anticommunist group responsible by many murders during the '70 in Argentina. His name was Jose Lopez Rega, now RIP, thanks God.

Yet, presidents seem still much too concerned about soccer.

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