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In Latin America, Soccer Is More important Than Human Rights (II).

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Dr. Menem said that he finished law school in two and a half years, while most people seem to study for six to seven years in Argentina. One might think that such a man would love education! If not, he would be a real eccentric.

Could be, but a genius shows his claws at some point; however Dr. Menem does not even speak Spanish well - ask anyone who speaks that language.

Had he been studying math, well, such inability would perhaps be tolerated, but a lawyer who does not know how to speak correctly?

Anyway, his real ability is not to be a politician and act like one, but his bizarre acts and phrases. He is a celebrity for some most intriguing mistakes, such as driving a Ferrari at 240 Km/h (a gift from someone, of course), making a public speech about Socrates' 'Complete Works' when even a first-year student at college knows that Socrates never wrote anything, ever, and talking about building rockets to fly from Anillaco, in northern Argentina (800 people living there) to Tokyo in two and a half hours. 

Yes, forget Concorde and the Space Shuttle.

Boy, it was something when I heard it on the radio. I thought that it was some kind of imitator, but no, it was the original one!

During his mandate, he said that Argentina had 'the best police force in the world,' and during his two terms, terrorist attacks destroyed the Israeli Embassy and a building of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, killing nearly 200 people.

It is just a minor detail that three members of the Argentine Police have been charged with participating in those attacks along with some Hizballah operatives.

Check it out if you don't believe me.

And, not to forget this last piece de resistance, Dr. Menem and his associates said more than once - seriously, and even to the corresponding committee - that he should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He went as far as to say that he 'deserved' it, but for what?

I don't know, but I'm sure that it will not be for the strange deviations of some weapons to Ecuador while that country was waging war against Peru and Argentina was acting as a mediator, or to Croatia, while there was a U.N. embargo going on.

As you might imagine, any weapons' sales must be authorised by the Congress and signed by decree by no one less than...the President himself.

So, either his signature had been falsified, or he was completely out of his mind, or he did know very well what he was doing. If his signature had been forget one should wonder: is this man fit for such a job? If he was nuts at the moment one should ask perhaps the same, and in the third case, one should ask how such a cynical character ever made it to the presidency.

In any case, there is something very wrong here.

Oh! Soon after the problem became known, a weapons factory in central Argentina suddenly decided to commit suicide by blowing up.

Coincidence, of course. An accident, indeed, like other accidents.

Mr. Menem's son died in a suspicious helicopter crash, and in the aftermath of it, many eye witnesses died too.

His daughter was expelled from UADE University in Buenos Aires for cheating during a final test, and the girl that denounced her had a car crash two weeks later.


His wife divorce him and never wanted to have anything to do with his entourage. She was the one that firstly said that Carlos Menem Junior had been murdered.

But life is happier here, and you can also spend some time with your friends, even if you are the president.

One of Menem's friends rose in five years from selling hot dogs to a 2 million dollar penthouse located in a nifty neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

óther of his acquaintances is no one less than Monser Al-Kassar, a major Syrian drugs and weapons dealer.

Again, check if you don't believe me.

Quite a career, and quite a bunch of friends I say.

But he is not alone, because other presidents here in Latin America have done well too. Don't think that I am particularly anti-Menem. I will not speak of people like General Noriega or President Fujimori, thugs widely recognised, and with old-fashioned methods. It would be boring to read similar histories a dozen times. So, consider this just as an example.

However, today, Dr. De La Rua, the actual President of Argentina, speaks about efficiency and honesty, and also human rights, but more than 4,000 Argentines have died in car accidents this year, so far.

This is more than during the war between Argentina and Great Britain, back in 1982, and every year is the same.

Every day on the Argentine highways is like some heavy, solid day of combat between two armies packed with guns up to their teeth.

The people who disappeared during the military regime, between 1976 and 1983, amounted nearly 8,000 souls, and politicians here love to talk about those figures.

Everyone speaks about them, (snif).

They love to remember everyone how they fought for democracy (snif), and how important human rights are (snif, snif). Some go as far as to say that they were more.

The point with their finger up all the time, while they talk, and talk, and talk...

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