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A Brief Reflection On Solving Your Troubles.

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Sometimes, we feel like lost in the woods. Sometimes, we see no trail to take us out because things seem so messed up.

However, even the apparent chaos of the woodlands has its order and rationality, and if you know how to look for clues, you will find your way out.

This picture was taken on the Valdivian forests of Patagonia, during an expedition of The Gea Org. in 1992. The group was literally lost within the uncharted and unexplored territory south of Lago Puelo at the moment when Alejandro Edronkin took the picture of these lengas and ferns, but the group reached its target some days later: the <"medio_zoologia_paleontologiaen.shtml">fossil beds  of Cerro Plataforma.

Going into the wilderness teaches how to do that, both literally and figuratively.

Becoming an explorer, a free mind of your own, makes you see at things differently.

It is not just a matter of learning how to survive.

Learning how to look for a trail, or better yet, make one entirely on your own, will make you find who you really are, and what are you made of.

So, dare to go into the woods, and find your way out for yourself.

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