P. Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Your 4 X 4 Truck.

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Your 4 X 4 should do something more than just reach the supermarket every week.

It was made for something better. It was meant to use four wheels to get a grip on impossible tracks.

You too, are cut for something more important than just the supermarket.

You were made for adventure, not just surviving.

Don't panic near El Bolson
"Don't Panic" was the 4 X 4 truck of the caretaker of the sky track at Cerro Perito Moreno, near El Bolson, in Patagonia.
In 1987, the truck fell downhill and rolled seven times on its roof. Its occupants left the truck unhurt,
repaired it and continued driving it with its new name.

We were born to explore, to find, and to reach new places. Discovery is as much a part of our nature as our eyes.

By the way, eyes were made to see new things.

We were not meant to behave like ants in a colony.

So, don't behave like one.

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