P. Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On What You Should Do Before Passing Away .

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We don't know where our road will end. So, we should never give up before learning, for it may take us far away.

It is just a matter of following it.

After confronting Death a couple of times I realised that we should not leave this world with "Ifs" within our minds.

Being an explorer I know that some impossible paths can take you to the most incredible places.

But, you just need to persist.

This picture was taken near Andonaegui, in Buenos Aires during the summer of 1987. A typical landscape of the Pampas, but who could imagine that this railroad goes as far as Bolivia, climbing thousands of metres across thousands of kilometres? Yet, that is true.

"If I had done that..."

"If I hadn't done that..."

Do it or don't, for when you finally go - believe me - you will need your answer.

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